Community Health Council Of Rutherford County

The Community Health Council of Rutherford County is made up of a diverse cross-section of community leaders who are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Rutherford County residents. During monthly meetings and separate committee activities, we exchange information and develop solutions to local health issues. The Health Council includes representatives from 35 county and state agencies, health care providers, schools, recreation services, law enforcement, and legal and social service organizations. Our priorities are guided primarily by the Community Health Assessment, but we also have the flexibility to respond to critical health needs outside our priority areas. We often engage speakers to address areas where we need to gain expertise or current information on changes that affect health. Our current focus areas are healthy eating, active living, substance use, and cancer services.  As a non-profit organization, our Council links well-defined health projects to potential grant opportunities to gain financial support for our projects.


The Community Health Council of Rutherford County provides the structure for the leadership of major organizations to work effectively together to address Rutherford County’s key health concerns.

The Community Health Council of Rutherford County will serve as a catalyst to improve the health of our residents by fostering collaborations between agencies to identify key needs. We will then develop, launch, and maintain projects that resolve Rutherford County health issues. Each Council Member will contribute to the collective work and share fully in the success of our Council.